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The Environmental and Chemical Processes Laboratory (ECPL) is an independent unit of the Enviromental and Analytical Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete in Greece and it consists of four faculty members. ECPL focuses both on air and aquatic chemistry. ECPL is responsible for the Finokalia station, a remote coastal station, located in the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea on the island of Crete, Greece. The station is part of the EUSAAR and ACTRICE Network and reports to the EMEP (database).


ECPL Faculty

Euripides Stephanou

Professor of Environmental Organic Chemistry

Chemistry of Organic Aerosols. Atmospheric Input of Biogenic and Anthropogenic Organic Compounds into the Marine Environment. Fate of Petroleum Derived Hydrocarbons, PCBs and Surfactants in the Marine Environment. Fate of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water during Disinfection , and Waste Water during Treatment.

Nikolaos Mihalopoulos

Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Greece

Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry, Biogeochemical Cycles, Aerosol Chemistry and Air-Sea Exchanges.

Maria Kanakidou

Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Greece.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics with focus on atmospheric chemistry and climate changes due to human activities and on gas/particle interactions: Modeling of homogeneous and heterogeneous tropospheric chemistry and aerosol formation. Study of the changes in the oxidizing power of the atmosphere and the aerosol composition due to human activities and their interactions with climate.



Associate professor Christodoulos Pilinis is member of the Waste Management Laboratory of the University of Aegean, Greece.


University of Aegean

Christodoulos Pilinis

Professor, Environmental Engineering and Science Sector, University of Aegean

Modelling of airborne particles, atmospheric chemistry and the "Greenhouse Effect".